Do you want to be a certified yoga teacher in 2013? Do you want to take your yoga practice to the next level? Thinking to enroll in some yoga teacher training courses but not so sure where to start?

Based on my teaching experience I would like to share some of the basic qualities you need to cultivate to be a good yoga teacher in the near future.

Consistent steady practice:– your daily practice will support you in your yoga teaching. yoga is not like another subject you study to secure good marks in the exams and then forget. Practice is Discipline. Practice helps in neutralizing the ups and downs of your mind stuff and cultivating discipline. Your practice helps in expand your knowledge of yoga and refine your skill as a yoga teacher .here practice is not merely asana practice but another equally important dimension of yoga as well

Passion and Patience:-Cultivate Passion and patience to be a good yoga teacher. Patience to listen to your students and passion to share your knowledge, Patience to watch the progress of your yoga student’s passion to refine their practice. Passion and patience are important to cultivating learning.

Love and compassion:-Teach yoga with love and compassion is another basic quality required to be a good teacher Human life is full of suffering and people join yoga to ease the influx of further suffering. welcome and accept people as they are and allow them to grow in their speed when they are ready for it. Do not make yoga too technical, Introduce Human values while teaching and sharing yoga.

self-study and self-observation:-

Regular study of holy scriptures is highly recommended to be a good yoga teacher. Yoga scriptures such as the yoga sutra of Patanjali, Bhagwat Gita, or other classical yoga text helps you to understand the value of life and its importance/purpose, and how to overcome suffering. This will bring clarity and divinity to your yoga skill. It is also recommended to observe yourself to identify your progress in the path of yoga.

Discrimination and clarity:- Strive to be discriminative in what you believe will cultivate a greater understanding of yoga in your students. Yogasana teaching is not so difficult task being a yoga teacher, but it is important to know how they affect us and if you have clarity about this it will cultivate a strong foundation of yoga.

3 Ways to Be More Innovative in Your Yoga Practice and Your Life

If you are still looking to get to an innovative vicinity for your exercise, or if you’ve fallen right into a rut for the reason that that initial spark of concept, right here are three ways to be more progressive on your exercise. Plus, examine 3 approaches to be more modern for your existence beyond the mat.

Do you still know when you started training yoga, but many moons in the past? How you most possibly felt out of touch together with your frame, awkward in a room complete of people who regarded to recognize precisely what they were doing, graceful and poised and simply so no longer you? And after some time, whilst you could pick out what pose the trainer called to move into without extreme panic, how do your thoughts start to relax and your frame should sink into each asana? You now had a basis for your exercise—however, the maximum important layer turned into yet to return.

When the breath commenced shade in the practice, it fed the relaxation of the frame to relax, the thoughts to cognizance on one unmarried component, and there you had it: a taste of what yoga ought to in a real sense like. This was the instant whilst you started to innovate in your practice. The outline was there, and you bought it to determine how you wanted to shade it in.

1. Take a one-week break from social media.

This would possibly seem like it has nothing to do together with your exercise, but the steady education of comparison, even the “Oh, that’s a pose I want to recreate,” adds to the intellectual chatter we experience. I tend to step back from social media quite often because after I do, I begin to free what I’m stimulated to do over what different people think or need. Social media is a great device—one which I for my part make a dwelling on—but showing up to it with a bit much less attachment will provide you with a little bit greater angle.

1. Take stock of your existence (and meditate).

Look round to your lifestyles. You’re most in all likelihood glad in a few regions, even as maybe a few others want paintings. Before you can innovate and make changes for the higher, you have to be honest approximately the way you feel about each component of your existence. This is a first-rate spot to begin a meditation practice. The act of being quiet has a fee, due to the fact regularly what you begin to hear is what you want. Who you are is positioned inside the four partitions of your body, and the maximum crucial element you may do is get in touch with, and be capable of listening to that individual. Just the capacity to do that, over the entirety, might spark more innovation than you could imagine.

1. Figure out what you need to feel.

Some emotions make each folk come alive. Each is very personal to the person that is retaining them, so identifying what they are for you is the first step to locating greater matters that make you sense that way. Read The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals. This is what she covers in her ebook, and for me once I located this way of wondering, or as an alternative feeling, the entirety started to trade. The way I taught, the manner I made dinner, the people I worried about in my life … It has become clear what lit me up, and what had the other impact. I re-study it every 12 months.

Achieve those goals:

Learn a way to:

Learn to play:

Keep these as scrolling lists, and have them in an area in which you may see them every day. Simple jogging tabs of the dreams, pastimes, and attributes you’d want to contain in your existence. The largest goals, the maximum far-off needs, and any unmarried thing that pulls on your heartstrings should be listed. Don’t worry approximately how you can accomplish any of those. Not one single 2d spent on the how. The show is in no way your commercial enterprise, and no matter how you could construct a plan, the sector around you may do it better, and manner greater magically. The extra time you spend dreaming of wherein you’d like to go, the more likely you’re to speedy track yourself to wherein you want to be.

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3 Ways to Make Your Yoga Practice More Dynamic

1. Incorporate resistance/power schooling into your standing sequences or asanas. Adding energy education to your yoga exercise helps you to broaden more strength and persistence, and incorporating a resistance band will let you increase more alignment and anesthetic awareness.

2. Add aerobic periods. Try doing “yoga burpees” to add an aerobic detail to your practice. If you’ve ever taken circuit training or boot camp magnificence, you’re probably familiar with burpees. The yoga model leads to a reverse swan dive to status instead of soar. It is an entire-body exercise that will increase your coronary heart rate in a hurry. Do these as speedy as you can even as nevertheless keeping proper alignment. Burpees can be finished at the start or given up of any status sequence.

3. Use a medicinal drug ball to enhance stability and work your core. Combining sluggish dynamic motion with a medicine ball in Mountain Pose or Tree Pose can improve balance and strengthen your deepest center muscular tissues.

4. Try this: Yoga Medicine Ball Circles Start in Mountain Pose, holding a medication ball (or a kettlebell) in each arm. Bring ft hip-width apart. Engage your core, convey the ball up towards your right shoulder and circle it around your head. Return the ball to the front to complete one repetition. Keep the ball close to your body. Pay attention to your alignment, making sure to keep your middle activated for the duration of the whole motion. Don’t “lock” your knees. Repeat the ball circles 6-8 instances in every course. Once you have got mastered this exercise, you may try it once more in Tree Pose for extra stability/center mission.

5 Ways to Make More Time for Yoga

1. Write It In Your Calendar, To-Do List, (And Set an Alarm!) In my revel in, whilst something becomes a dependency it is less complicated to paste to. So if you want to be at yoga magnificence every Tuesday at 6 pm, have your computer or Smartphone send you a reminder at 4:30, once more at five, and 5:15. And don’t allow something else gets inside the manner!

2. Expand Your View of What Yoga Is. If you sense like you don’t get sufficient yoga in, it is probably time to reflect inconsideration on all of the little belongings you already do for your normal existence and infuse them with mindfulness and breath. The 5-minute wreck you are taking to talk together with your pal in the workplace may not be what the majority think of as yoga, but if it allows you to become greater balanced and aware–it’s yoga.

3. Practice While You Drive, Stand In Line, Sit at Your Desk… And So On. If you need to stretch to sense like you’ve completed yoga, there is no cause you cannot try this in little spurts all day lengthy! Practice Santana whilst you stand in line at the grocery shop. Take breaks from your laptop every hour to do a shoulder opener and a twist. The possibilities are countless. (If you need extra examples examine my blog post “Yoga Everywhere, and I Mean Everywhere!”)

4. Make Yoga Top Priority. There could be days when the idea of peeling yourself off the sofa and away from your favorite reality TV show is a struggle. When this happens, keep in mind how fantastic your experience after yoga is–you experience energized and more balanced. That’s way more vital than So You Think You Can Dance or what a person you’ve got by no means met has to mention to Twitter, right?

5. Forgive Yourself. Don’t overlook that a massive part of the exercise is letting cross of attachment–and that includes the attachment to your each day asana practice! So while something comes up that throws you off the agenda and you just can not make it to the mat, try now not to overcome yourself up approximately it. It’s part of the float of existence. Yoga is not going anywhere, and neither are you. Try it again the day after today!