(1) Miho Ichimura – I had a wonderful time here. A teacher Rajendra is trustworthy, knowledgeable and modest. He teaches students according to their individual level, so I can recommend him to anyone from beginner to advanced. I have never expected I would get into yoga this much until I came here.

(2) Billy Su – It`s one of best memories to stay in Rajendra Yoga And Wellness Center, a quiet and beautiful place. Mr. Rajendra is a hospitable guy and always willing to share his philosophy with us.Among 8 days I stayed in his ashram, it changes lots of thoughts for me to face my life and about the yoga. I discovered that yoga is much more than the physical training but the mental upgrading. And thanks for taking us to take a bath in Ganga and holding a fire ceremony in the ashram.It taught me about tolerance and believing our inner self-are the same as god. Mr. Rajendra combines yoga into his life.I highly recommend his ashram to everyone who wants to learn about yoga and it`s philosophy!

(2) Tanaka Ami – If you’re a beginner of yoga and want to learn it precisely, I really recommend this place. It also listed on how to walk the earth. Yoga philosophical story or, because the pose of us to explain, such as also in detail physical and mental effect, is a yoga center is recommended for people who want to learn deeply the yoga beginners. Mr. Rajendra explains philosophical points of yoga and physical and mental effects of each asana.

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