200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course

Our 28-day, 200 hours yoga teacher training course is comprehensive, and its curriculum is designed to keep in mind participants get enough skills and knowledge to teach yoga. This course not only eligible you to teach yoga word wide but also teaches you how to adopt yoga in your daily life.
This course is led by a team of experienced yoga teachers and practitioners, their knowledge and experience provide you learning environment that will prepare you to teach yoga to others.

During this course, you will be introduced to the essential teaching and principles of traditional Hatha yoga, Patanjali yoga (Raja yoga). And you will be engaged in practices and activities to learn and understand the basic principles of asana, pranayama, and meditation for safe and effective practice and teaching. You will be introduced Philosophical aspect of yoga to clear your doubts about yoga and understand in detail the meaning, roots, history, paths, purpose of yoga, and much more.
Our team of yoga teachers provides you insight into yoga nidra, bandha, mudra, and various yogic detox techniques as mentioned in the traditional text of yoga to deepen your yoga experience. You will have a solid foundation of yoga with clear basics by the time your 200 hours are completed.


Our approach towards yoga is holistic in nature and we provide you the opportunity to explore an authentic experience of yoga and attune yourself with the wisdom of authentic and traditional yoga.

200 hours yoga teacher training course features
  • Asana (Posture) in gentle slow traditional style with proper use of Sanskrit name and their meaning, benefits and contraindications
  • Pranayama (Breath workout) with or without Bandha
  • Meditation including Yoga Nidra
  • Shaktarma yogic detox sessions
  • careful and detailed alignment sessions
  • Modifications and adjustments with the help of props
  • Teaching practice starts after the first week
  • Anatomy and Yogic subtle anatomy introduction
  • Lecture on Ayurveda
  • Lecture on Yoga philosophy with easy-to-understand practical approach and examples
  • Mantra reciting and fire ritual
  • Yoga excursion to spiritual places/people in and around Rishikesh

Who is the course for?

  • Yoga practitioners/enthusiasts /teachers are willing to advance their yoga professional skills. Course content is progressive. We start with the basic level and proceed to advance. Beginners with no knowledge of yoga can also join the course though they may find the course intensive and challenging.
  • Yoga enthusiasts/practitioners willing to explore yoga and its rich philosophy to develop spiritual and purposeful lives.
  • Individuals want to explore deeper dimensions of yoga such as meditation, mantra, Philosophy, Chakra, Kundalini, Pranayana etc not just posture-oriented practice.
  • Those who want to learn yoga to share its teaching with the rest of society members
  • Those who understand 200 hours of yoga practice and training time are not enough to fully grasp the wisdom of yoga. And continue the practice and yoga education is essential. Although most students will have developed life-changing skills and be able to conduct small yoga sessions as soon they finish the course.

By the end of this Yoga Teacher Training, you’ll

  • Have a peaceful state of mind.
  • More confident in your practice
  • Be inspired to adopt the teaching of yoga in your day-to-day life.
  • Learn how to practice and teach safely and effectively
  • Learn how to conduct yoga sessions and share yoga with the community.
200 Hour Yoga Training Course in Rishikesh Highlights
  • 200-Hour Yoga Training in Rishikesh provides a balanced blend of the philosophy of Patanjali yoga(Raja yoga)  and traditional practices of  Hatha Yoga. This course covers various elements of yoga such as Kriyas, pranayama, mudra, and bandha.
  • The 200-Hour Yoga Training Course in Rishikesh is taught and guided by a team of qualified and authentic genuine yoga teachers.
  • Neat and clean Accommodation with attached washrooms
  • Power backup.
  • Three nutritious vegetarian meals every day with Indian chay(tea).
  • Yogic excursions during the yoga course to explore places of spiritual and yogic significance.
  • A Yoga Essentials kit and study materials are provided to each participant upon arrival.
  • We provide a friendly and safe environment to all of our participants.
  • Small batches in regards to being able to attend to each of the participants during the Yoga Teacher Training course.
  • 24×7 Wifi facility is available.
Schedule And Fee For Our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India
DateCourse NameCourse FeeCourse Fee
02 Feb to 01 March 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 March to 29 Mar 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Apr to 29 Apr 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 May to 29 May 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Jun to 29 Jun 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Jul to 29 Jul 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Aug to 29 Aug 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Sep to 29 Sep 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Oct to 29 Oct 2023 200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Nov to 29 Nov 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Dec to 29 Dec 2023200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Jan to 29 Jan 2024200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
02 Feb to 01 Mar 2024200 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training$1000 (Private Room)$949 (Twin-Sharing Room)
Daily Schedule During The 200-Hour Yoga Training In Rishikesh

(Monday To Saturday)

A typical day in our 200-Hour Yoga Training Course in Rishikesh comprises various elements: practical sessions and theory workshops every day. Every day, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in three practice sessions and three theory workshops. Each of these sessions will equip you with knowledge and understanding of various facets of yogic wisdom.

6:30 am to 7:30 amMorning Meditation
7:30 am to 9:00 amMorning Asana Practice
9:00 am to 10:00 amBreakfast
10:15 am to 11:15 amYoga Philosophy Talks
11:30 am to 12:30 pmAnatomy and Physiology/Ayurveda
13:00pm to 14:00 pmLunch
14:00pm to 15:00 pmRest
15:00 to 16:00 pmSelf Study
16:00 pm to17:30 pmAsana with alignment
17:45 pm to 18:45 pmPranayama and meditation
19:00 pm to 20:00 pmDinner
22:00 pmLights off and Rest
Students Google Reviews & Feedback

शानदार Marvelous amazing
Dinara Dyussupova
Dinara Dyussupova
I stayed at Rajendra's yoga center for 10 days and it was a convenient stay: the room is cosy, with facilities inside. The hosts are very nice people, supporting in all the requests that i had concerning my stay in Rishikesh. There one can take yoga classes, practice and deep theory included, as Mr. Rajendra is an experienced yogi and a yoga teacher. Besides the facilities, Mr. Rajendra helped me with some personal requests, and it all turned out well! Thanks for the great place to stay in Rishikesh!
Vinayak Kaurwar
Vinayak Kaurwar
Great teacher and great place!
emma larrieu-
emma larrieu-
A wonderful stay at Rajendra Yoga center. Supposed to spend one week we finally spent more than one month in this place plenty of good vibes, kindness and wellbeing. Very good teaching, pleasant place to stay and rooms very confortables. Food was really nice, cooked with love. Our group was wonderful. Thank you all! Thank you Rajendra. Big hugs to your lovely family too.
Ricardo Andres Gutierrez
Ricardo Andres Gutierrez
I stayed at Rajendra for almost two weeks and had a very positive experience. They are super friendly and the location is superv- close to many cafes and the main road. The price is very reasonable and the yoga room is well equipped with ropes. Rajendra is also a very experienced practitioner and his clases are well suited for all levels. Would totally stay here again.
Manish Arora
Manish Arora
Felt spirituality elevated after the session. Excellent yoga teacher

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