Founder Introduction

Rajendra Pandey

“Rajendra Pandey” has been teaching yoga for the last 25 years. He has vast experience in teaching yoga, in various organizations such as an ashram to five Star luxury hotels, from fitness clubs to guiding individual seekers. He teaches the traditional style of Hatha yoga with good knowledge and understanding of various modifications and adjustments required in the process of learning and teaching yoga to his students. He strongly believes in and recommends a holistic approach to yoga rather than an exercise-oriented yoga practice. He is an authentic representation of a yogi, genuine, sincere, content, and modest in his practice.

He was born and brought up in the holy city of Rishikesh in a traditional Braham family deeply rooted in spiritual faith where chants, prayers, and meditation is in the daily routine. He believes his destiny helps him to process in the path of Yoga & travel around the world, during his yoga journey he meets a few great souls & enlightens yogis. He has a unique ability to teach yoga by heart with a great sense of humor & intellectual wisdom. He is the founder of Rajendra yoga and wellness center.



Our values for yoga education and Yoga teacher training:-

  • Respecting the diversity of various yogic traditions as well as respecting the diversity of our valued yoga students.
  • Welcoming all yoga seekers seeking yoga knowledge regardless of their social and economic background as we believe yoga is for everyone and everyone has the right to find his/her peace and purpose in life.
  • Sincerely believe we all are students of yoga and honestly acknowledge the limitation of our knowledge and skills as yoga masters.


Our Mission of starting Rajendra Yoga And Wellness Center as an authentic Yoga center in Rishikesh is To provide a safe platform for yoga seekers for learning, exploration, and sharing yoga and its related practices.

  • To promote awareness towards a holistic way of yoga education and living a peaceful, meaningful life in harmony with nature & neighbors
  • To improve and restore the health of yoga participants and acceleration of the body’s natural abilities to heal and restore.
  • To help students eliminate toxins and impurities through various yoga and Ayurveda practices.
  • To help students to find their spiritual orientation and search for peace.
    We are not claiming the best school in Rishikesh but assuring you to provide authentic and genuine yoga classes and Yoga

Teacher Training in Rishikesh by our experienced and skilled yoga teachers in a family atmosphere.

Our holistic approach to yoga help Yoga aspirants transforms their lives.

Rajendra yoga & wellness center

Holistic Hatha Yoga School