Why you should learn Yoga in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a chakra of the earth, in the center between the Himalayan Mountains and the sacred Ganga river. Touching this land to learn yoga isn’t just about digesting information but diving deep into a well of ancient knowledge that is transforming people’s lives all over the world today. You are invited to join this endless web of sharing the gift of yoga. You will learn Yoga in its complete form- a science to grow the entire being. In the 200 hour course you will learn Hatha yoga, the original physical yoga practice, Pranayama, breathing exercises to control the Prana (life force) in the body, meditation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep), mantra chanting, Kriyas (cleansing), and Karma yoga. In the 300 hours, you will also learn Ashtanga asanas.

Yoga around the world has been largely diluted and changed to fit an industrial mold, and a lot is lost in the process. Coming to Rishikesh you will be returning to the source of yoga, and from the roots, you will grow a strong and beautiful practice because your foundation will be unshakable.

Rajendra Yoga and Wellness Center is one of the most beautiful locations in Rishikesh, above the city with the view of the valley and the gentle song of the Ganga in the distance. Each teacher is an expert in their field, carefully selected because of their excellence and the love they put into their work. At the end of the course, you will be fully equipped to teach yoga. Our teachers are fully invested in your learning process and will work with you until you are confident in your knowledge and practice. Whether you are joining the teacher training to become a professional yoga teacher or to deepen your own practice, you will be joining a strong yoga community that will nurture your growth and catapult you forward on your journey in ways you can’t yet imagine. There is so much magic that awaits you in Rishikesh, so much inside you waiting to be discovered.

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