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Yogi Budhi Prakesh

Yogi Budhi Prakesh was born in the year 1953. He holds master degree in Hindi Literature and Yoga Philosophy from Agra University. He had more than 40 years of teaching yoga experience. He was initiated by his master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  and he devote  many years of his life  with his master and practiced transiently meditation He got the first experience of Samadhi at the age of 7 years. He had a clear vision of his past life in the Himalayas. He is very well known yoga Guru in Rishikesh and overseas and frequently he travel overseas to share his wisdom of yoga, meditation and philosophy. I know him personally since 1996 when I completed my one year study in yoga and naturopathy now I am blessed t have him in our yoga faculty. Recently he has been awarded by yashbarti award for his work in yoga and meditation.

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Rajendra Pandey”

“Rajendra Pandey” has been teaching yoga from last 20 years. He has vast experience of teaching yoga, in various organizations such an ashram to five Star luxury hotels, from fitness club to guide individual seekers .He teaches traditional style of hatha yoga with good knowledge and understanding of various modifications and adjustment required in the process of learning and teaching yoga to his students. He strongly believes and recommends holistic approach of yoga rather than exercise oriented yoga practice. He is an authentic representation of yogi, genuine, sincere, content and modest on his practice.
He born and brought up in holy city Rishikesh in a traditional Braham family deeply rooted with spiritual faith where chants, prayers, meditation is in daily routine believes his destine help him to processed in the path of Yoga & travel around the world, during his yoga journey he meet few great souls & enlighten yogis. He has a unique ability to teach yoga by heart with great sense humor & intellectual wisdom. He is the founder of Rajendra yoga and wellness center. He holds master degree in yoga and also an ERYT yoga teacher

Kapil Dev Bist

Kapil Dev Bist”

Kapil Dev Bist is a meditation teacher at Rajendra Yoga School. He teaches different techniques of meditation such as Dynamic Meditation, Guided meditation, chakra, and Kundalini meditation. His keen interest in studying yoga and spirituality inspires him to teach. He started the yogic journey when he was 17. He has been teaching yoga Asana, Pranayama, meditation, and mantra chanting for 10 years in different yoga schools and Ashrams in Rishikesh. Yogacharya Kapil holds the master degree in yogic science from “Uttarakhand Sanskrit University” Haridwar in the first division. He is a certified yoga teacher from Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance UK

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Yogi Sandeep

Yogi Sandeep: – He is our anther faculty member. He holds master degree in yoga from university. He spend his child hood in Sivananda ashram, Rishikesh. Where he learned yoga and meditation from various yoga gurus. He have more than 25 years of yoga teaching experience with various style of yoga such as Sivananda Yoga, Kundaline Yoga, Hatha yoga. He also teaches rekki. He is the founder of sai yoga ashram.

Vinayak Kaurwar

Shree Vinayak Kaurwar

Vinayak Kaurwar: – Vinayak Kaurwar has studied with several masters in this light of various Sanskrit scripture. He is practicing yoga since the age of five.

His spiritual energy has brought him as a disciple to several spirituals gurus. One of whom lives deep in the holy forest of Ramdegi. He meditates & practices yoga for 6 hours daily. He is a native of Indian & taught yoga & Hinduism in New York City. He holds various yoga certification. He is an ERY 500.

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