Do you want to be a certified yoga teacher in 2019
Do you want to be a certified yoga teacher in 2019? Do you want to take your yoga practice to next level? Thinking to enroll for some yoga teacher training courses but not so sure where to start?
Based on my teaching experience I would like to share some of the basic qualities you need to cultivate to be a good yoga teacher in near future.
Consistent steady practice:– your daily practice will support you in your yoga teaching. yoga is not like another subject you study to secure good marks in the exams and then forget. Practice is Discipline. Practice helps in neutralizes the ups and downs of your mind stuff and cultivate a discipline. Your practice helps in expanding your knowledge of yoga and refine your skill as a yoga teacher .here practice not merely asana practice but another equally important dimension of yoga as well
Passion and Patience:-Cultivate Passion and patience to be a good yoga teacher. Patience to listen to your students and passion to share your knowledge, Patience to watch the progress of your yoga students passion to refine their practice. Passion and patience are important to cultivate learning.
Love and compassion:-Teach yoga with love and compassion is another basic quality required to be a good teacher Human life is full of suffering and people joining yoga to ease the influx of further suffering.welcome and accept people as they are and allow them to grow in their own speed when they are ready for it. Do not make yoga too technical, Introduce Human values while teaching and sharing yoga.
self-study and self-observation:-
Regular study of holy scriptures is highly recommended to be a good yoga teacher. Yoga scriptures such as the yoga sutra of PatanjaliBhagwat Gita or other classical yoga text helps you to understand the value of life and its importance/purpose and how to overcome with sufferings. This will bring clarity and divinity in your yoga skill. It is also recommended to observe your self to identify your own progress in the path of yoga.
Discrimination and clarity:- Strive to be discriminative in what you believe will cultivate a greater understanding of yoga in your students. Yogasana teaching is not so difficult task being a yoga teacher,  but it is important to know how they affect us and if you have clarity about this it will cultivate a strong foundation of yoga.

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