Beginner’s Yoga Course

Beginners yoga course in Rishikesh ,India at Rajendra Yoga and wellness center is one week yoga course suitable for beginners yoga practitioners who do not wish to directly join any intensive course/Teacher Training course in India. This course can be your first step to experience and explore pure and authentic yoga with an insight on Ayurveda, yoga philosophy and healthy lifestyle.
Yoga is very useful and effective daily activity to increase our physical fitness, flexibility and strength. It can be use in the management of physical and psychological burdens. This course offers you some effective tools and techniques to experience above mention benefits of yoga
We invite and looking forward to welcome yoga seekers/beginners from all over the world to come Rishikesh, India to start and experience pure authentic yoga with our experienced yoga masters And enjoy endless benefits of yoga .

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Beginner’s Yoga Course - Overview

We strongly believe every individual have potential to practice yoga and get its benefits to improve quality of their life.  There are numerous reasons to join yoga classes and courses which include physical fitness, mental peace, stress management, yogic healing or spiritual awakening. There are so many benefits of yoga. Whether the purpose is modest or ambitious, the proper practice under expert guidance brings desirable results at physical level, psychological and emotional level and this can transform your life. . This Beginners yoga course is designed in such a way that it suits to requirements of a beginners students as well as regular practicners,  it shows you couplet picture of yoga  guide you how to practice yoga safe and effectively and minimizing chances of   getting yoga injuries , how to overcome obstacles and challenges  in the path of yoga .

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