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Rajendra yoga and wellness center is a holistic yoga center, situated at Tapovan-an outskirts of Rishikesh city India. The center was established by yoga master Rajendra Pandey. His aim to educate yoga seekers about yoga and its various practices And to establish a strong fundamental understanding of yogic knowledge in the heart and mind of yoga seekers those traveling or wish to travel rishikesh to seeks pure authentic yoga.

The teaching style of yoga is progressive in nature, Ranges from basic to advance practices our yoga teacher training curriculum is according to standers set by yoga alliance USA.

We offer 200 hours teacher training course, beginners’ yoga course, and yoga retreats in Rishikesh   India as per our academic calendar.

Our approach towards yoga is holistic, non competitive and comprehensive.  With the harmonious combination of traditional wisdom and modern methodology our course is suitable for everyone .we are committed to provide quality yoga education without any social economical description.

Yoga And Meditation Retreat In Rishikesh India

Teacher /Founder Introduction

“Rajendra Pandey” has been teaching yoga from last 20 years. He has vast experience of teaching yoga, in various organizations such an ashram to five Star luxury hotels, from fitness club to guide individual seekers .He teaches traditional style of Hatha yoga with good knowledge and understanding of various modifications and adjustment required in the process of learning and teaching yoga to his students. He strongly believes and recommends holistic approach of yoga rather than exercise oriented yoga practice. He is an authentic representation of yogi, genuine, sincere, content and modest on his practice.

He born and brought up in holy city Rishikesh in a traditional Braham family deeply rooted with spiritual faith where chants, prayers, meditation is in daily routine. He believes his destine help him to processed in the path of Yoga & travel around the world, during his yoga journey he meet few great souls & enlighten yogis. He has a unique ability to teach yoga by heart with great sense humor & intellectual wisdom. He is the founder of Rajendra yoga and wellness center.

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Our Objectives Are

  1. To preserve and share the wisdom of traditional style of yoga, meditation and Ayurveda.
  2. To provide safe platform for yoga seekers for learning, exploring, and sharing yoga and its related practices.
  3. To promoting awareness towards holistic way of yoga education and living peaceful, meaningful life in harmony with nature & neighbor.
  4. To improve and restore the health of yoga participants and in acceleration of body’s natural abilities to heal and restore.
  5. To help students  for  elimination of toxins and impurities  through various yoga and Ayurveda  practices
  6. To helping students to find their own spiritual orientation search for peace.

Our Value

  • Our respect diversity of various yogic traditions as well as respecting diversity of our valued yoga students.
  • Our welcome all yoga seekers seeking yoga knowledge regardless of their social economical background as we believe yoga is for everyone and everyone have right to find his/her peace and purpose of life.
  • Our sincerely believe we all are students of yoga and honestly acknowledge the limitation of our knowledge and skill as a yoga master.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations are essential for success fully completing any yoga teacher training. Yoga is all about discipline. Very first sutra of patanjali yoga darsana speaks about it. Yama (social code of conduct) and Niyama (personal code of conduct) are the two foundation stones of yoga. To reap the maximum benefits of yoga we need to observe disciplines in our life.[read more=”Click here to Read More” less=”Read Less”]

  1. In regard to yoga teacher training course following rules and regulations are required.
    -Full course attendance is required to be eligible for Certification.
  2. Respect for the teacher, co students and training is paramount in Yogic tradition. Disrespect, misbehavior or unwarranted talk & argument are not allowed. The teacher’s decision would be final in this regard.
  3. The student must not disturb the peace of the surroundings/ local social cultural, or his fellow students. In accordance with this, no kind of extra-ordinary activities may be carried out.
  1. Any kind of intoxications, Smoking, consuming alcohol and non-vegetarian food is not allowed.
  1. Every student is required to pay full fee before the start of the course
  2. No guests or friends are allowed within the premises during the course of the training. Nor are they allowed to live with the student during the month of training.
  3. For any kind of personal discomfort or issues, kindly contact the teacher / manager.
  4. Observe an accommodating attitude towards everyone. Do not indulge I n psychological harm, discrimination or a hurtful attitude.
  5. Self-Restraint & moderation.
  6. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

-You are encouraged to have a daily bath and your daily ablutions before starting the day.
-Take charge of your room – keep it clean at all times in the spirit of Karma Yoga. Ask for cleaning material if required .
Disregard or non adherence to any of the above rules may render disqualification of the student without further reason. In such cases, no fee or part thereof would be refunded.[/read]

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