7 key points to avoid yoga injuries (safe and effective yoga teaching)

Initially, yoga system was originated in India for the development of an individual’s physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. Due to its tremendous health benefits, it is now accepted and practiced by millions of people worldwide. Many people join various yoga classes, Yoga retreat, and yoga courses to learn and experience.

Although regular yoga practice provides many health benefits such as improved flexibility, increased strength, and tone of various muscles, Improves your posture, boosts immunity, brings the tranquility of mind, etc yet there are many cases students report injuries due to yoga practice. Many students say they got pain, particularly to wrists, lower back shoulders, elbow, knees, neck, and hamstrings.

One of the main reasons for yoga injuries is to push nature of students/teachers. Injuries mainly happen to those students who push themselves careless or pushed by their teachers to achieve a particular pose.

To avoid yoga injury use common sense/listen to your body and learn yoga with a qualified yoga teacher.

7 key points to keep in mind while teaching /practicing yoga for effective and safe practice.

  • The first point is to practice yoga according to your energy level. Do not compare or compete with others
  • Always starts practicing yoga with gentler poses or joint opening practices and gradually work up to stronger ones
  • Cultivate patience; do not hurry to move into and out of the pose.
  • Breathe regularly through your nostrils. Use your breath as a guide to move in and out from poses and witness your breath.
  • Respect the sign of pain. Listen to your body Pain is an indication that something is not correct.
  • Practice with proper attention; do not make your practice mechanical or careless. Your intention of the practice is very important for safe and effective practice.
  • Aim of asana /poses practice it to develop steady and soft. And it’s only possible with the right approach towards yoga and regular practice.

Remember Repetition, regularity and rhythmic practice to avoid injuries.

Have a happy practice.

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